Would you like someone to pray for or with you?

Simply put, prayer is having a conversation with God. At Trinity we believe that prayer is an important practice in our individual and corporate lives. There are several ways for us to pray with you or for you, and we have opportunities for you to join us as we pray together.

Prayer Requests

At Trinity we have a team of intercessors who are ready to pray for you. If you have something that you want prayer for, just fill out the form below. It will be sent to Angela Jones, our lead intercessor, and she will send it to the staff and/or our team of intercessors. 

Prayer Appointments

If there is something weighing on your heart that you would like prayer for, we also offer healing prayer appointments. These appointments will be with a healing prayer team ready to pray with you for anything going on in your life. If you would like to schedule a prayer appointment you can call our office or fill out this form below and Deane Norwood, the leader of our Prayer Appointment teams, will be in touch with you.