Community Groups

We believe that sharing life in groups is one of the best ways to experience spiritual formation.

Building Community in the Name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit

In Acts 2:42–47, we learn that the earliest Christian community was devoted to five things: Bible study, community, sharing meals, praying, and reaching out. These five characteristics form the backbone of the vision for Community Groups at Trinity.

It is our hope that Community Groups will become the primary place where you are known and cared for at Trinity. It is within these smaller communities that men and women can build deep relationships and practice applying the gospel to their lives.

Groups can meet anywhere: homes, offices, coffee shops, or even church buildings. All groups are led by trained lay-leaders from the congregation who receive continued oversight and support from pastoral staff.

Sharing Life and Friendship in Christ

Community Groups meet to to study our faith, pray together, share their lives, and reach out together. These groups facilitate the formation of new friendships in Christ and deepen existing relationships. Community Groups are a vital way that we live into our mission to "Love God, Love People, Share Life."

These are the current Community Groups meeting at Trinity (fall 2023):


Every other Wednesday @ 6 pm

The Prayer Course II

Starts Sept. 20

Contact: Peggy Corbitt (229-224-4058) or Sue Ford (229-221-2730)


Every other Sunday @ 12 pm (following worship)

Surprised by Hope video series

Starts Sept. 17

Contact: Melanie Johnson (229-733-6353)


Every other Thursday @ 6 pm

Bible study of John 1

Starts Sept. 21

Contact: Bill Norwood (404-909-2103)


Every other Tuesday @ 6 pm

The Prayer Course II

Starts Sept. 12

Contact: Carol Kelso (229-224-2183)

Women II

Weekly on Wednesdays at 8:45 am

Galatians: Gospel Matters

Starts Sept. 20

Contact: Carlyn Clawson (229-672-1296) or Barbara Lang (229-224-2840)